🪙Token Supply

$HXTO has a total supply of 5 million, with the following allocation:

  • 8% Public: Of the public allocation, 40% will be used to seed POL for $HXTO, 30% will be distributed to core contributors, and 30% will be allocated to the treasury.

  • 2% Pioneer airdrop: This allocation will be used to compensate Pioneer (OG) for their contributions to the project.

  • 1% Initial campaign reward: This allocation will be used to compose the first Hextopus campaign’s referral reward pool.

  • 60% Treasury: The treasury allocation will be used for POL, marketing, future audits, community rewards, and operation.

  • 20% Core contributors: This allocation will be distributed to the core team and contributors of Hextopus and will be linearly vested for 24 months.

  • 9% Partnership: This allocation will be used to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations that benefit the Hextopus ecosystem and will have a 36 months linear vesting period.

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