📈On-Chain Data

A brings B from C

In addition to the viral effect generated through the referral structure, Hextopus's referral marketing campaign creates its own on-chain data to capture the essential data of influence marketing with the concept of 'A Brings B Through C'. By storing this crucial information on the blockchain, Hextopus ensures that ownership of data lies with the individual who created it, rather than being controlled by the platform. This approach enables Hextopus to fulfill the following functions:

Regarding A

User A has the ability to directly own and manage their influence data in order to demonstrate and validate their web3 influence. High-quality credentials can be obtained by measuring A's referral activity using the Influence score.

Regarding B

A comprehensive analysis can be conducted on user B, who falls within the sphere of influence of user A. The data obtained by analyzing B are as follows but not limited to:

  • User A with a referral network where the total Defi deposits of user Bs exceed 1M.

  • User A with a referral network where user Bs collectively own an average of more than 5 NFTs.

  • Average deposit in Defi by referral entries

  • Total deposit in Defi by referral entries

  • Average capital of referral entries

  • Average amount of NFT held by referral entries

  • Average staking amount of referral entries

  • Influencer with the highest Influence Score in Defi

  • Influencer with the highest Retention points in Defi

Regarding C

User A can enhance their influence by leveraging performance analysis, such as assessing the virality and efficiency of the promotional content they have created.

Regarding Protocols

Protocols have the capability to discover the ideal influencer for their needs by utilizing on-chain data. Furthermore, protocols can identify the most optimal marketing strategies for their projects by leveraging the on-chain data from their campaigns.

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