Protocol Distinctions

Consecutive Referral Tree

Hextopus employs a consecutive referral tree whereby rewards can be continuously earned by sharing the campaign with other users. A reward structure whereby all participants are able to receive rewards through content sharing and propagation is the main attraction of the Hextopus Protocol for both campaign creators and participants alike. Campaign participants are not only entitled to rewards accrued to them through direct campaign participation but also any participation by other users if it can be linked to the original sharer in a tree structure.

Influence Scope

Influence Scope is a tool to view, manage, and analyze information about the performance of individual users or campaigns. All users of Hextopus can use the scope to check their influencer score. They can also create and manage multiple referral links and analyze the performance of their promotional contents linked to them. Campaign creators, on the other hand, can get on-chain data analysis about the performance of their campaigns. This enables them to identify the ideal marketing strategy for their projects. In addition, they can identify the most contributing users and discover the perfect influencer for their project. The Influence Scope is open to the public that anyone can access.

On-Chain Campaign Action

Campaign creators can set all smart contract-based actions as target action conditions and allow rewards to be distributed only when target actions are performed by users. They can pay only for campaign performance.

Efficient Marketing Channel

Hextopus offers cost-efficient marketing through its CPA (cost-per-action) campaign, which helps campaign creators avoid overspending their marketing budget. By driving more content exposure, Hextopus can quickly propel projects to go viral. Moreover, Hextopus campaign is time and resource efficient as it eliminates the need for projects to conduct influencer marketing, allowing users to voluntarily participate in the campaign and create promotional contents. This frees up projects to focus on more important tasks.

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