The Hextopus Protocol has three major types of users.

  • Campaign Creator

  • Campaign Participant

  • Campaign Referrer

Campaign Creator

A campaign creator is a user who utilizes the Hextopus Protocol to achieve a specified goal as defined by his/her campaign with a participation reward pool. Campaign creators can compose reward pools with their governance tokens, SBT, NFT and HXTO.

If the participation reward is in the form of tokens, the campaign will be deactivated once the participation rewards are depleted. However, the campaign will still remain active even if the referral rewards are depleted. Also, when the campaign creator chooses to deactivate the campaign, a campaign becomes inactive

Campaign Participant

A campaign participant is a user who has performed some sort of action and therefore receives a reward that is specified in the campaign. As an action-based reward protocol, campaign participants are able to earn rewards by fulfilling the action requirements specified in the campaign. As a result, continuous campaign participation is encouraged through a continuous sharing and distribution of rewards.

Campaign Referrer

The Hextopus Protocol utilizes a connectable reward structure that allows campaign participants to earn rewards not only for participation but also for referrals. The additional rewards given to successful referrals are unlimited in the sense that additional successful referrals through a linked network will always accrue rewards. As a by-product, this incentivized sharing schema allows the campaign producer to improve product proliferation through sharing.

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