🔍Influence Scope

Influence Scope is an integrated, all-encompassing influence explorer provided by Hextopus. Influence Scope monitors the status of all users and campaigns on Hextopus and provides various statistics to help understand the influenceable ecosystem of Hextopus. This is an open public service that enables anyone to search and browse on-chain data of Hextopus.

For Users

Users can access a range of valuable information and insights about their influence using Influence Scope. Some key pieces of information that users can obtain include:

  • Influence score

    • Influencer score by campaign

    • Influencer score by referral link

  • Consecutive referral tree graph

By leveraging the data and insights provided by Influence Scope, users can demonstrate and expand their Web3 influence, such as by identifying the most effective channels for referrals and pinpointing content that has high reach.

For Campaign Creators

Campaign creators can gain a panoramic view of their community and optimize their vision through the Influence Scope. Analytics provided by Influence Scope also give campaign creators easy, instant and automated insights into the performance of their campaign. When searching for a campaign on Influence Scope, you can access the following information:

  • Number of participants

    • Total number of participants

    • Minimum number of participants set by the campaign creator

    • Target achievement rate

    • Number of participants by date

  • Reward scheme

  • Campaign leaderboard

  • Cost per action

  • Percentage of active users (meeting retention criteria)

Based on the on-chain and off-chain data provided by Influence Scope, campaign creators can identify which channels and users are contributing the most to their projects and find the perfect influencer for their projects. They can also analyze the campaign's performance to identify the ideal marketing strategy for their projects.

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