• Ticker : esHXTO

  • Contract address : ​0xd9f87D8C74995bDB4B4895140785cF9B90Ef3F9b

  • Chain : Arbitrum

Use Cases

  • Referral reward token - HXTO tokens of the reward pool are converted to esHXTO tokens and distributed as referral rewards

  • Referral reward cap increases by 50% of the amount of esHXTO

  • Switch into HXTO through vester - 90 days of linear vesting period (HXTO tokens are linearly distributed over a period of 90 days) - User must simultaneously lock up HXTO corresponding to 50% of esHXTO's vesting amount - During the vesting period of esHXTO, the corresponding amount of esHXTO and HXTO is excluded from the calculation that increases the referral reward cap

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