💯Influencer Score

Hextopus provides a leaderboard for each campaign that ranks users based on their influencer score. The influencer score is determined by the sum of referral points and retention points, which helps identify high-quality influencers. The focus is on bringing in quality, active users rather than simply increasing the number of referrals. To achieve this, retention points are introduced, which require continuous transaction interaction. Influencer score can serve as a baseline for campaign creators to hold additional events like airdrops.

Referral Points

Referral points are equal to the number of referrals. Users earn +1 points for not only the direct referrals they have succeeded in, but also for the referrals of other users connected by consecutive referral chain (i.e., indirect referrals). Unlike the referral rewards, which only applies up to level 2 in the referral tree, the referral points are given +1 point for all referrals without any level limit.

Retention Points

Retention points are additional points given to referrers who brought quality users who are active in using DApps. If the referral entry passes the retention criteria within 7 days of participation, the referrer will earn one additional point. The contract to be the retention criterion is set by the campaign creator. In other words, if the referral entry sends a successful transaction set by the campaign creator to the z contract within 7 days, the referrer will get 1 point. Retention points are accumulated every 7 days. For example, if A passes the retention criteria in Week 1, and then in Week 2, B who brought A will earn a total of 2 points.

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