Hextopus campaign is a powerful marketing tool introduced by Hextopus. DApps can leverage Hextopus campaign to promote their projects and to bring their marketing strategies efficiency to the next level. Hextopus campaign is important tool for achieving the mass adoption by offering a wider range of users access to the ecosystem.

Hextopus campaign is a fully customizable. Campaign creators can set any off-chain or on-chain based actions as target behavior condition to achieve their desired goal. They can allow rewards to be distributed only when target actions are performed by users, which makes available for them to pay only for campaign performance.

Hextopus's campaign utilizes a concurrent referral tree structure to generate a powerful viral effect. The campaign actively encourages the influx of new users by implementing a well-designed reward structure. As a result, the web3 referral network that emerges from this campaign has the potential to create diverse value propositions.


An 'action' is defined as the target behavior that the campaign creator wants to be produced. Campaign creators can designate actions to achieve their projectโ€™s specific goals as a condition for the campaign's target behavior.

Users who have fulfilled the action requirements specified in the campaign, i.e. campaign participants, are eligible to earn rewards defined by the campaign's reward structure.

'Action' can be either an on-chain engagement or an off-chain social engagement. A few examples of โ€˜actionโ€™ include but not limited to:

  • On-Chain engagement

    • Add liquidity

    • Swap

    • Transfer

    • Lend

  • Social engagement

    • Twitter

      • Follow

      • Retweet

      • Like

      • Quote

    • Telegram

      • Join

    • Discord

      • Join

Abuse Prevention Mechanism

Hextopus is implementing a security measure to prevent the risk of misuse by preventing the generation of indiscriminate wallets. In cases where campaign creators prioritize quality users over increasing participation numbers, an additional abuse prevention mechanism is available at the time of campaign creation.

  • HXTO Staking Users must stake a certain amount of HXTO in order to qualify for participation in the campaign.

Rewards Types

Hextopus offers a range of reward options that are tailored and suitable for projects with different features and goals.

Type 1: Token + HXTO

Token + HXTO is a reward scheme that distributes ERC-20 tokens as participation rewards and HXTO as referral rewards. Campaign creators can set any of the ERC-20 tokens as a participation reward. While this reward scheme may limit the number of campaign participants, providing clear rewards directly to participants can lead to high participation even if the campaign requirements are challenging.

Type 2: NFT/SBT + HXTO

The NFT/SBT + HXTO reward scheme distributes NFTs or SBTs as participation rewards and HXTO as referral rewards. This type of reward scheme enables campaign creators to build a community around their projects, as there are no limitations on the number of users who can participate in the campaign. Additionally, campaign creators can identify their community members through the NFTs or SBTs provided as participation rewards.

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